SCOTT LEONARD graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance from the UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA in 1987. While attending UT, he worked as a singer at WALT DISNEY WORLD, singing in shows at the Magic Kingdom, Pioneer Hall, and EPCOT Center, as well as singing on show and parade soundtracks for DISNEY PARKS. In 1989, Scott was hired to front the rock band HORIZON at TOKYO DISNEYLAND. 


While in Japan, from 1989-1991, upon being discovered by producer MASAHIRO IKUMI, Scott began working as a recording artist in Tokyo, singing on records,  TV theme songs (PONKIKIS, WARATTE II TOMO, etc.) and numerous jingles including COCA-COLA, SUNTORY WHISKEY, and POKKA COFFEE. In 1991, Scott’s first album SCOTT LEONARD: DANCE CLASSICS ALTERED HOUSE was released in Japan on TEICHIKU RECORDS.


In 1991, Scott joined the contemporary a cappella band ROCKAPELLA to star on the PBS TV show WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO?. In 1991 alone, ROCKAPELLA began its 5-season stint on the show, released the show’s soundtrack album on BMG RECORDS (featuring the show’s popular theme song), appeared on WHOOPI GOLDBERG’S HBO Special, sang with BILLY JOEL at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, filmed TACO BELL’S MTV VIDEO AWARDS commercial, appeared on JAY LENO’S first TONIGHT SHOW New Year’s Eve show, and signed its first record deal with Japan’s FOR LIFE RECORDS.


Over the next 7 years, ROCKAPELLA released 7 albums with FOR LIFE RECORDS (including the first all-original contemporary acappella album VOCOBEAT), featuring 27 of Scott’s compositions and arrangements, and began a live touring tradition in Japan which continues to this day. After VOCOBEAT, Scott was named vocalist of the year by the CONTEMPORARY ACAPPELLA SOCIETY OF AMERICA. In 1996, SONY RECORDS JAPAN released Scott’s 2nd solo album, SCOTT LEONARD MY FAVORITE: THE BEE GEES. In 1997, he headlined NIPPON ACAPPELLA FEST at KYOTO STATION arena in Kyoto, Japan. In America, ROCKAPELLA filmed HBO’s HAPPILY EVER AFTER, and MTV FILM’s JOE’S APARTMENT.


In 1998, after recording and filming one of the most popular commercial jingles of all-time (“THE BEST PART OF WAKIN’ UP IS FOLGERS IN YOUR CUP”), ROCKAPELLA signed with J-BIRD RECORDS, and released its first global release DON’T TELL ME YOU DO (produced by Scott), featuring 11 SCOTT LEONARD compositions and arrangements. That was followed by ROCKAPELLA’s Adult Contemporary-charting holiday album, CHRISTMAS (produced by Scott), featuring 11 SCOTT LEONARD compositions and arrangements. After releasing the follow-up ROCKAPELLA 2 (produced by Scott), with 10 SCOTT LEONARD songs and arrangements, the group filmed its first PBS Special, ROCKAPELLA: IN CONCERT at the LOBERO THEATER in Santa Barbara, CA, accompanied by the release of the soundtrack album. During this period, Scott also started a new collaboration with producer and guitar legend MASAHIRO IKUMI, under the moniker FLYING FADERS, releasing their DIGIROCK album BLUESPEEL on SOWHAT! RECORDS in 1999.


In 2002, Scott helped usher in a new era for ROCKAPELLA, adding new members, energy, and choreography (by Scott), leading to more domestic and global touring. The group built followings throughout ASIA and EUROPE. ROCKAPELLA also began a collaboration with the BOSTON POPS, performing across America. They started their annual HOLIDAY tour (conceived, written and staged by Scott), which continues to this day. During this era, Scott produced 3 ROCKAPELLA albums for AMERIGO RECORDS: SMILIN’, COMFORT & JOY, and LIVE IN JAPAN, featuring 30 SCOTT LEONARD songs and arrangements. In 2005, ROCKAPELLA’s new lineup filmed LIVE AT DUO MUSIC EXCHANGE in Tokyo.


In 2007, Scott released the first all-original, one-man acappella album 1MAN1MIKE, followed in 2010 by the second all-original one-man acappella album, TOKYO ROBOTS, both of which were named CASA albums of the year.


ROCKAPELLA began releasing records under its own independent label, SHAKARIKI RECORDS. From 2010 to 2020, the group released ROCKAPELLA HOLIDAY, BANG, MOTOWN & MORE, JAMS (VOL. 1 & 2), and CHRISTMAS LIVE (featuring 83 SCOTT LEONARD songs and arrangements). They also began interspersing album releases with YOUTUBE single releases, attracting millions of views and followers. Their latest is LET IT BE (arranged by Scott), released January 31st


In 2019 Scott began producing new artist NATALIE LEONARD, releasing 11 singles  and EP’s to date ( He also has written a new EDM musical, BRICK CLIFFS OF BROOKLYN,, now in development, with accompanying concept album to be released 2024.